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Nicole is ​a photographer who infuses food and drinks photography with lifestyle photography. She believes that food is multi-dimensional and should be presented to demonstrate it in that way.

As a marketing professional with experience working with multiple consumer and lifestyle brands, she understands the need for visually appealing and aesthetically pleasing imagery and loves to help small and large businesses by creating this imagery.

Her passion for food and drink is showcased in her work as a food photographer. If you are looking for a trained eye to present your FnB brand/business/restaurant visually, reach out.

Nicole is listed on Women Who Freelance Toronto's directory as well.

Education & Experience:

Nicole studied photography in university as part of her Bachelor's Degree in Advertising and ventured into event and lifestyle photography in 2018 for a Canadian society that promotes and supports women entrepreneurs. During the COVID-19 pandemic, she dived into food & restaurant photography to help the local food community in Toronto to showcase their best during trying times.

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